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Ninjas, Onions and Tears

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

So, I happened to be at my friend’s pay and there was this gorgeous girl helping him out with the preparations.  She was cutting some vegetables for the salad and seeing how beautiful she was,  I decided to man up and go talk to her.

My bad luck,  she started cutting onions when I walked up to her and those damn onions brought tears to my eyes. My eyes got so watery that I could hardly see and I had to remove my glasses to wipe the tears off and the girl stopped curing the onions and she’s like, ” Don’t very like a girl. ” and she walked away.

I think this incident perfectly matches this prompt as that was indeed something beautiful (the girl) that brought tears to my eyes (by cutting onions).



At Cincinnati Zoo

Couldn’t have asked for any better weather for visiting the Cincinnati Zoo on a fine Saturday evening. Having been sort of sponsored by my college, the University of Cincinnati, it was an amazing experience. The best part was the Cheetah Show, where they let the land’s fastest mammal run at its full speed, and well, it lived up to its tag alright. Even at a Shutter speed of 1/400, the cheetah couldn’t be captured perfectly on my camera (all i got was 2 pictures of it jumping in and out of my frame). Yes! That’s how fast it was. The best part was it was a friendly cheetah which has been properly trained by the zoo officials. The cheetah was all over its caretaker licking her and stuff (apparently that’s how cheetah’s show their affection).

The Zoo was built in an amazing manner, and had lots of Animal’s from all over the world. Though I don’t really prefer going to zoos, since it’s kinda cruel to cage up animals and put them up for a show and all, I somehow enjoyed the show a bit, thanks to some amazing company and the weather. I STILL DON’T TOTALLY SUPPORT CAGING ANIMALS AND STUFF. 

I took a few photos and here they are:


As always photos taken with my HS50EXR