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Blindspot – Series Review

So, a lot of TV series have started airing this Fall, but the only one that really stood out for me is Blindspot which is on NBC on Monday nights. To be honest, having been largely let down by Heroes Reborn and Quantico, I had very low expectations for Blindspot. But I was so wrong. This series is a shockingly great thriller/drama/mystery series – one of it’s kind. (IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4474344/).

Would you like to watch a 40 minute thrilling action/mystery short movie every Monday? If your answer is yes, you have to watch Blindspot. It’s freaking amazing.

Blindspot airs on NBC every Monday – Probably the best new TV series this Fall


So, there’s this bag lying around in the middle of Times Square with a tag saying “Hello” in different languages and a tag that says ” Call The FBI”. I seriously thought there was a bomb in the bag and so did the FBI bomb disposal guy think. But what’s in the bag? Boom a girl with the dragon tattoo(s). And boy is this one hot too! Guys watch out for Jamie Alexander, she’s gorgeous and hot!

Jane Doe touching a hand and remembering how it feels to touch another person’s skin for the first time

So anyway, this FBI agent called Weller is pulled from southern Kentucky where he is freeing women from torture and shit. Why? Because his name is fucking tattooed all over Jane Doe’s back in size 96 bold font. Oh by the way, the girl in the duffle bag has no memory of who she is or what has happened in her life up until the Times Square bag incident because someone injected her with two much of some PTSD drug which erases bad memories and since they gave her so much, it erased all her memories. Kind of sad, right?

Jamie Alexander plays Jane Doe in Blindspot.

So anyway, since the FBI can’t find shit about this girl’s details with no fingerprint/photo/DNA match anywhere on any record they have, they just start calling her Jane Doe. Duh, right? Anyway, the tattoos apart from looking fucking cool are all bits of critical info leading to one mystery or another and have the potential of saving hundreds to millions of lives or so I inferred at the end of the first episode.

Jane Doe and Kurt Weller in action

The first episode goes from slow to mind fucking blowing, when Weller, the FBI agent with his name all over Jane Doe’s back lets a bomb explode after stripping it off its C4. Also, Jane Doe goes from a demure naked “where am I?” situation to being a fucking badass with a Navy SEAL special op training and shit as she beats the crap out of a Chinese thug and his henchmen, not to mention her sniping abilities.

Basically, in every episode, they somehow find something related to a tattoo on her body and that leads to a fucking thrilling mystery being unraveled along with Weller’s backstory and Jane Doe getting some of her memories back.


Jane Doe’s tattoos are the key to solving a number of mysteries and saving plenty of lives while she tries to get her memories back and we find out about Weller’s backstory. Also,CIA tries fighting with the FBI which is kinda fun.

If you guys watch Quantico and think it’s good (which according to me is total shit), please watch Blindspot. You will not regret it. It’s fucking amazing.

MY RATING:4.6/5 (Game of Thrones is 5.1/5 and Breaking Bad is 5/5)

I’ll do an episode review for every episode from Episode 6 onwards!

Until, later then!